If you are having any issues paying your invoice please watch this video above. The invoice may have gone to your spam or email filter, double check there first. 

Mark the invoice email as friendly email, we can't control your spam and email filters, patients need to adjust this. 

Attached to your invoice will be your protocol sheet and any lab work or lab info as well. Your invoice is also super-bill and contains ICD 10 and CPT codes so it can be submitted to your insurance as well. 

When paying your invoice, please double check to ensure your billing address is correct. This will delay your transaction from going through. 

Also be mindful of late fees that start after 2 days, if you have any issues with your invoice, please email us before that time frame. 

If you still are aren't seeing your invoice it could be one of 2 other issues. 
  • Your server is blocking the invoice from coming through, this very rarely happens, emails like Gmail and yahoo tend to be good. 
  • The email you gave us is incorrect, please double check the invoice you have on file if you still aren't receiving your invoice. 

If you are not able to receive an invoice, you can log into the payment portal at http://www.justinhealth.com/payment to review your invoice and pay as well.

"Please note that any products that say "Special' will arrive in a separate box away from the rest of your order, this includes certain labs too."

We will not be able to provide tracking for these items. This supplements may take as long as 1 week to arrive. If it has been longer than one full week, please let us know so we can confirm they aren't back ordered.